Sunday, November 25, 2007


I did the dash with added details like knobs and the dash bar done with stretched sprue. I also opened the ashtray and threw in some butts. You can notice as well the seat cover that was done with the fabric from an old pair of cotton shorts. It was simply glued on the seat using white glue after cutting it to shape. Nothing is glued in yet in the interior of the model and I also have to do some more interior details.


jokerrabit said...

this is great!!!! what kit is this? you know where I can get one?

David J said...

Awesome Blog.
Fantastic used looking VW Kombie!

I love it!

Jim said...

That is one cool model you've built there... really love the wrk with the wheels and the paint work. Particularly like the scuffs on the bumpers (or fenders)

I'm just about to start the Revell 1/24 kit.